A Few Of My Favorite Things

Currently listening to: Below My Feet by Mumford & Sons

Well, it is time again for me to share some of my favorite pins from Pinterest.  But first…a quick side note.  I saw Mumfor & Sons last week in Fairfax, VA!  It was one of the most incredible concerts I have ever been to, if not THE most incredible (in close competition with Coldplay).  One of my friends and I got last minute tickets to the show.  We were super excited because we had looked at tickets when they first went on sale, and the cheapest we could find with more than one seat together were about $400!  Which was obviously way to expensive.  Then about a week before the show we (and by we I mean she, she is way more clever than I am) scored two tickets for $59.  We thought the seats may suck, but we didn’t care because we were just so pumped to see them.  And as it turns out, the seats were way better than expected.  So here are a few pictures!



And now onto our regularly scheduled post…a few of my favorite things from Pinterest.  Enjoy!


Obviously I am a little obsessed with Mumford & Sons right now.



Love love LOVE this outfit.  Perfect for spring.  I feel like this would be the perfect outfit to wear to a music festival this year…hopefully this can happen for me.



As a nurse, this picture just warms my heart.  



The only thing cuter than a baby platypus wearing a fedora?  TWO baby platypuses (platypy?) wearing fedoras.  Precious.

Hope you enjoyed!  And as a quick reminder…it is almost the weekend!  So all of you with normal jobs, enjoy yourselves!  I will instead be working 36 hours, so think of me! 



A Few Of My Favorite Things

Something you should know about me?  I have an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest.  Seriously.  I LOVE Pinterest.  I can kill tons of time on there, especially when I am bored at work at 3am, and I really have found some great inspirations and ideas.

So, in honor of my devotion to Pinterest, I feel it is only appropriate to share some of my favorite pins with you all.  I will try to do this about once a week, in order to nurture your addictions to Pinterest as well =)  These posts will be called “A Few Of My Favorite Things.”


1.  I am obsessed with this outfit.  The pants, the shoes, the BAG.  Where does one find a bag like that?  I want it!


2.  This lovely home is, in a word, perfect.  I love spending time at home now, but if I lived here, I would never leave.  Actually, I would probably just stand outside and gaze at its loveliness all the time.


3.  My mom is an interior designer, and she has instilled a passion for pretty living spaces in me as well.  My own apartment needs a lot of work, but it is getting there!  I love a good gallery wall, and I am working on one now.  Pictures of my own to come!  Eventually.


4.  Looking at this elephant just puts a smile on my face!

I hope you enjoyed my posts!  Do you use Pinterest?  What are some of your favorite things to pin?